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Lighting Innovation & Design_Waterloo_Ontario

Lighting Innovation + Design Inc. - LID Inc. is a local company, located in southwestern Ontario, specializing in innovative, custom designed lighting systems using LED or other cutting edge technology. LID Inc. supplies and installs super energy efficient, very long lasting lighting fixtures in applications specially designed to meet our customers' needs and applications.

Lighting Innovation and Design Inc. recently opened our very first showroom and retail store in December 2010. The showroom provides a central location for customers to visit us at their convenience. We can discuss plans and concepts as well as demonstrate products that we feel are the best choice for a given situation. The LiD showroom provides clients with the ability to visualize how a variety of light sources will appear in their own homes. We are pleased to provide design and installation services in addition to state of the art LED fixtures. Simply put, we can meet any of your lighting needs and guide you on the way to meeting those needs. Our sole objective is to delight our customers


Lighting Innovation & Design | 283 Northfield Dr. E. Unit #6, Waterloo, N2J 4G8
Head Office: 519-725-7711  | Showroom: 519-747-7200
Email : info@lidinc.ca

Advantages of LED lighting

Save energy, spare the environment, prevent mercury pollution.  LED lighting devices consume only a fraction of the energy versus incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Extremely low operating costs.  LED lighting devices last decades.  Retrofit systems can produce payback periods of only 2-3yrs

Beautify your home or garden.  LED lighting systems produce a clear, clean light that retains the true colours of the plants and foliage and positively accentuates virtually any type of surface

Reduce light pollution*.  LED lighting produces a focused light that illuminates the surface we want to see, but does not obliterate the surrounding

*light pollution- any adverse effects of artificial light including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night and energy waste

Secure your home or business.  LED lighting systems consume so little energy that the entire lighting system can be illuminated all night providing additional security.

Reduce bug swarms, especially mosquitos.  LED light has no infrared wavelengths – mosquitos see infrared.  Reduce West Nile concerns

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